Naugatuck River Banks Cleaned (10/25/12)

Recently a hard working group of 36 Naugatuck High School, Air Force Junior ROTC cadets cleaned the east riverbank of the Naugatuck River in Linden Park in Naugatuck. Master Sergeant Gary Morrone, USAF (ret) and Lieutenant Colonel Valerie Lofland, USAF (ret) led the cadets in this effort to improve the quality of life in the Naugatuck River Valley. This the sixth time this group has completed conservation projects along the Naugatuck River.

More than a dozen bags of light debris, several shopping carts and tires, a rug, pieces of board and rusted metal debris were removed. The project was organized by Joe Savarese and Bob Gregorski of the Naugatuck River Watershed Association and sponsored by the Borough of Naugatuck including the Mayor’s office, Public Works and Recreation Departments. Ron Tymula Manager of Student Transportation of America in Naugatuck donated the bus transportation.



Naugatuck High School ROTC cadets are proud of their conservation efforts.

Photos by Bob Gregorski

Great Conservationists

Recently, Joe Savarese and Bob Gregorski of the Naugatuck River Watershed Association organized a clean up of the Naugatuck River banks in Linden Park in Naugatuck. Twenty-five Naugatuck High School Air Force ROTC Cadets and their leaders were hard working volunteers. The clean up was a great success. Paddlers racing down the river during the May 5th River Race, race observers and River Festival attendees will have an improved scenic view of the river and its riparian habitat.

The clean up project was coordinated with the Mayor’s Office, Public Works and Recreation Departments.

Group photo L>R Photo by Joseph Savarese

Lt Col Valerie Lofland, USAF (ret) AFJROTC, Lindsey Thoren, Steve Santos, Alex Tenbrink, Matt Bode, Serena Mam, Caio Bonaparte, Maria Carranza, Josh Cote,Kiera Carignan, Josh Bierly, Ryan Lewis, Sarah Bourassa; Aliyah Tripp, Enid Velez, Kevin Johnson, Jessica Rodriguez, Zack Colangelo, Stephanie Flores, Matt Perillo, Lydia McGinness.

On 5-19-12, Boy Scout Troop 140 completed its annual Naugatuck River projects. The west bank of the river south of Huntingdon Avenue was cleaned and a 55-gallon barrel was removed from the river. Many bluebird and tree sallow houses were refurbished and some new ones were erected. Rose of Sharon bushes and irises were planted near the birdhouses. Many years ago, Troop 140 started doing these projects under the sponsorship on NRWA. In recent years they have continued the projects as self-TROOP-stewardship.

Recently Kevin Redline and nine other Boy Scouts from Middlebury Troop 5 erected two wood duck nesting houses and one owl-kestrel house at Sperry Pond in Middlebury. The project was a cooperative effort of Troop 5, the Middlebury Land Trust and the Naugatuck River Watershed Association. “The weather was great and while working the scouts got to experience the wonders of the pond as they saw a variety animals and other wildlife." Kevin Redline.